A “Real” Farmer’s Market – Really!

14 Jun

Ok, now this is really one of my worst pet peeves…..you get up early on a Saturday morning to drive to what has been advertised as a “Farmer’s Market”, but when you get there not only are there no farmers, there’s no fresh produce, no baked goods, no fresh herbs – nothing.  There’s just a display of discounted items from some of the center’s retail stores or it’s really a arts and crafts fair in sheep’s clothing.

Last Saturday I was swept up with emotion as I drove into one of Arizona’s finest farms open to the public, Singh Farms.  Located just off of the 101 freeway and Thomas Road, I could actually exhale in relief as I entered the breathtaking farm.

If you are from either the East or West coasts this may not be such a special event, but when you live in the desert for 25 years, being able to actually touch, feel and smell fresh produce and herbs that were actually picked at vine ripeness perfection was a dream come true.

I have grown accustomed to paying exorbitant by-the-pound prices, picked while it is still green in hopes that it will ripen in the refrigerated truck as it heads to Arizona.  But this time, I was ecstatic, and like a little kid in a candy store, I didn’t know what to select first.

This hidden gem is open on Saturday mornings only from 8am – 1pm.  Farm owners Ken and Lee Singh are there to help you select or answer any questions that you may have, and they even offer compost for your own garden.

As this very happy camper left this “real” Farmer’s Market, I can tell you that my week’s menu planning will be really easy – it will include plenty of fresh grilled, sautéed, and stir fried vegetables.

For more information on Singh Farms, visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/singh-farms

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