Booze, Infused

21 Jun


At our Country Club in the high pines of Arizona, I fell in love with Cucumber Margaritas.  Refreshingly smooth, these drinks are made with cucumber-infused vodka, and are so popular that the bar can’t seem to stock enough of the liquor on their luxe burl-wood shelves.  So I went on a quest to learn how to infuse my own vodka. 

The first thing I discovered is that the infused liquor market has absolutely exploded.  Brands are racing to create the newest flavors, many playing off of childhood nostalgia (Sweedish Fish, anyone?).  Just take a look at Pinnacle Vodka.  They are cranking out 30 flavors, including Atomic Hots, Cookie Dough, Cotton Candy, Marshmallow and Whipped Cream.  While this is definitely cute, my interest remains with the natural flavors of fruits and veggies.  

All you do is combine your ingredients and place in a glass jar or bottle.  Store in the refrigerator and give it a shake every day until it is infused (generally 3-4 days, but taste it first!).  Then strain and dispose of the solids.

Vodka and Cucumber Recipe:

500 ml. vodka

2 cups sliced cucumber

Optional: add a couple sprigs of mint

Note:  You can experiment by replacing the cucumber with diced cantaloupe or any other fresh vegetable or fruit of your choice.


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