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Are You Missing Texan BBQ For The Event?

Austin Kalebs July 20, 2016 Catering Comments Off on Are You Missing Texan BBQ For The Event?
Are You Missing Texan BBQ For The Event?

Texans enjoy barbecue, hence the first choice for most events in Texas is BBQ catering. If slow cooked meat with the smoky flavor and a lingering aroma everywhere is your idea for an event, you need to get in touch with the best BBQ caterers.

Basic requirements for BBQ

The basic requirements to consider are location, people count, and facilities like water and electricity are available at the site. Space should be able to accommodate and set up the BBQ equipment, coolers, and grills.

The caterer must be able to serve several different types of meat for the event like sausages, kebabs, sizzlers, chicken breast, steaks, burgers, and lamb on the barbecue grill.

Vegetables served in good quantities, must cater the vegetarian guests with plenty salad options, and vegetable kebabs or sizzlers. Caterers ensure different grilling and cooking equipment is used to grill vegetables.

Offer a good range of drinks like beer and wine, as they work well with BBQ steak. The caterer can serve food on a large platter; guests can self-serve food on their plates.

Reasons to choose authentic BBQ caterers

BBQ is deliverable by catering services for an impromptu occasion. However, enjoy the authentic Texas BBQ by professional full-service caterers. They set up the BBQ, cook meals, snacks, appetizers and desserts prepared with time and care, served by professionals. You can choose your catering style for the event.


The caterers use quality local products and cook the finest slow mesquite-smoked meat handcraft a variety of sauces and sausages. Smoked sweet water duck, jalapeño cheese bread, and pecan pie are some of the choicest meals the caterers can prepare. Brisket makes the Texas barbecue meal complete accompanied with Pinto beans and Potato salad as ubiquitous side servings for guests.

The brisket is sliced on the spot to preserve its tenderness and succulence. Caters ensure cloth napkins or paper napkins, and an added pinch of sophistication and style for well-planned events like graduation, weddings, engagements, baptism or any other elegant family or formal occasion as well as a mid-ranged gatherings.

Essentials of planning a BBQ event

Though the event is for a large outdoor gathering and you have a BBQ caterer, planning is essential for every successful event. Here are a few essential things:

  1. The guest list is essential as it helps the caterer to stock meat and vegetables as well as disposables and rentals. Table, chairs, tablecloth, paper napkins or towels, disposable plates, knives, and glasses or silverware, decorations, lights are all arranged by a full-service caterer and as required.
  2. A planned meal menu will help ensure vegetarians enjoy the event as well as the non-vegetarians with meat being BBQ, including appetizers, dips, sauces, side servings, and desserts for all.
  3. Refreshments and drinks include soft drinks, beer, cocktails, and lemonade to ensure summer day events are as refreshing and enjoyable.


The BBQ catering service serves, fresh cooked food for large gatherings on disposables to fit the theme, It also ensures food safety and makes it easy to clean up for you after the event. If you have a small formal gathering or a wedding in an open space, BBQ caterers can cater to all your guests and make it a success while you take care of your esteemed guests.

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