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Consider these Ideas to Choose a Good Craft Beer

Austin Kalebs October 12, 2016 Wine Comments Off on Consider these Ideas to Choose a Good Craft Beer
Consider these Ideas to Choose a Good Craft Beer

After hopping in and out of bars, you may have noticed that beer selections today are big! Picking a good craft beer is becoming a true form of art practiced by just a few. Are you somebody who likes to explore various kinds of beers; however, hates the frustration of pour recommendation? Have you seen a beer list that confuses you more than informs you? Know that not all craft beers are the same. In order to help you in your next beer order, we wish to provide you some tips to choose a beer which suits you best.

The Beer List

Once you get inside a bar like Brutopia and ask for what is good, you may not be able to taste the best beer available. Often, service staff is quite busy running around and may just recommend whatever beer they can think of. And worse is they offer you beers that are close to expiration date or on tap. It is best to begin by asking for the beer menu. Good menus come with taste descriptions or describe taste. While beer is expected to be bitter, there are various levels of bitterness. Try a beer that is not very bitter such as white ale for your first beer.

Ask the Bartender

When the menu does not tell you what you want to know, or the bar has a big chalk board behind it, consider asking the bartender. Look for a bartender who has a passion for craft beers and is willing to give you a good recommendation. However, be careful with taking advice. In terms of beer, you can risk a complex or overly bitter beer. Ensure you let the bartender know that you want something tasty.

Bring Someone or a Group

Never go into a bar alone. Ensure you involve your friends in your journey. When taking various beers, you can cover twice as much beer. Focus on bouncing ideas back and forth and going for the second one. Avoid going back to what you already know. It is always best to explore new things.

Consider Palate

How you taste beers is quite essential. Overpowering your taste buds by drinking a beer with too much of one flavor leaves you overpowering your palate that will not give you a pleasant drinking experience. You need to warm up your taste buds with a beer that is more balance.

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