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The Best Holiday Pie

Austin Kalebs September 28, 2016 Recipe Comments Off on The Best Holiday Pie
The Best Holiday Pie

Let me take you on a journey, for a moment. It’s Thanksgiving, and all of your family is around, laughing and enjoying the sounds of the season around dinner. You’ve all eaten the amazing dinner that took hours and hours to make and serve. Everyone is starting to slip into their food comas, but then there’s movement towards the kitchen. Everyone starts to get excited, but what could it be?

Well, if you’re at my house, then it means that the Pecan Pie has just been served. Sweet Pecans (you can say ‘PEE-caans’ or ‘pe-CAUNs’, we don’t judge here) nestled into a warm and flaky crust makes Pecan Pie so irresistible that I can’t imagine a more perfect end to an amazing dinner. That being said, Pecan Pie can be challenging to make, so here are a few tips to help you make it the best dessert this Thanksgiving.

  • If you’re not making the pie crust from scratch, make sure that you roll out the dough and fill in any holes or lines that may appear in pre-made crust. This will make sure that when it’s baking, the ooey-gooey center doesn’t saturate the bottom of your pie.
  • ALWAYS make sure you prepare the crust first. The filling should be made as close to the baking time of the pie as possible, so the ingredients don’t separate.
  • If you preheat the baking sheet before you start baking the pie, it will ensure that the bottom of the pie gets crispy and fully cooked as the rest of the pie is getting ready.
  • If you have picky eaters who don’t like the feeling or texture of full pecans, go the route of the Greeks when they prepare baklava, and give those pecans a solid chopping. It doesn’t take any more pecans that the regular recipe, and it makes sure that when you take a bite out of the pie you don’t’ end up choking on a large piece of pecan.
  • Do your edges always end up a little bit burnt? You can guard those tasty edges from burning with a little bit of aluminum foil. All you do is wrap the aluminum foil around the edge of the pie, just enough to cover the edge of the pie and a little bit more. Your pie will look perfect!
  • Don’t put regular whipped topping on the pie. Go ahead and make your own whipped cream! It’s super easy to do, and you and all of your guests will be surprised when it takes so much better than the store-bought stuff! I typically add just a little bit of dark spiced rum to mine to give a little bit of a kick (not enough to make you drunk, just a splash for flavor). You’ll never go back to getting your whipped cream out of a tub again!


  • Don’t want to use corn syrup? It’s typically used in the recipe, but you can replace it with maple syrup! If you’re going to go this route, make sure you go out and get quality syrup (the kind that you may use for pancakes is waterier and won’t set the same way). Aim for grade B maple syrup (or dark amber syrup) for a deeper and more satisfying flavor.

Here’s hoping that your Thanksgiving Pecan Pie is delicious!

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